Friday, October 30, 2009

Arya Samaj

Hello friends that’s my first ever summarized blog. I cannot use the word analyzed for this blog.
So I can just praying to God that this journey never ends.

The blog is based on “The Spirit of Quest” article in Ht Inner Voice on 30.10.09 by Lalit Mohan.

I am just trying to doing the dare act of summarizing it & hoping that all my friends feel free to criticize it with all angles.

Let’s introduce you with Arya Samaj foundation stone.
It was laid by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 1875. The seed of Samaj was planted when a query came in the mind of young boy on an auspicious Shivratri night. When he saw a mouse scampering up & down on a Shiva idol & enjoying the Prasad offered to the Omni potent. This incident laid the biggest difference between Arya Samaj & Santana that is Murti Pooja.
Arya Samaj was founder with two pillars:-
1. Shattering down orthodox religious beliefs
2. Social reforms
Society reforms played a vital role in modernizing our society like caste system boycott, women empowerment, child marriage etc. If its not then I will be married at the age of 15 & probably have lots of children by now & who knows may be changing their nappy instead of writing a blog.
The base of Samaj is the quest i.e. the act of pursuing or may be questioning.
Is that quest was still there e in the present followers of Samaj or is it over in 1883 with the Swami Ji.
It raised a very important question
Are the Vedas & Upanishads which are bequeathed (i.e. pass on from generation to generation) are infallible (i.e. can’t be questioned)
If not then can we can came to conclusion that is the Swami Dayanand Saraswati the last Arya Samajist.
As his followers lack the courage of making spiritual quest like Swami ji had.
Let’s end my blog with essence of Gayatri Mantra principal prayer of Arya Samajist-

“Let the cosmic light illumine your intellect. The light can shine through only if the mind is open”.

The opening of mind is the question which I can leave up to you to decide whether it is or still awaiting for a gentle push with both hands.


Arooj said...

so its your first post for your blog.. interesting :-)

Himanshu Guglani said...

@arooj yes