Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rail Ko Roko

Hello friends

I just go through a very interesting article by “Pratik Kanjilal” in HT about “Rail Roko” Custom in Bengal as you seen in last week, its now a daily routine in Bengal like Rasgulla. You don’t need to pull the chain to stop the train.

Well next time for a good adventure I m also planning too “To Stop a Train”.

Just imagine how exciting is to call friends & gather them with sticks & red flags, going to nearby track with wafers & cold drinks, stopping the train ,raising some stupid demand & then after 4-5 hrs of good time pass make the train go.

Yes its great fun next time on weekend in Bengal. Lets join hands to stop the “Shatabdi” this time. Don’t forget to carry sticks of course with your red underwears.

Don’t worry for the passengers & financial losses of Government. Every enjoyment has the price.

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