Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blind School 1st Day

Day 1
The first day in the school not as a student but as a volunteer. I reached at sharp 8:00 a.m. I am really excited about the teaching & nervous too about how to handle kids.
I have to wait for few minutes in the office but after that I saw some blind kids. I suppose its first time in reality. Actually saw some but aged on roads as pedestrians or as beggars or teenagers studying in the College.
The day was expected to be full of surprises and it is so. Really feel weird that how these small kids managing their route to one class from another. And no one except few actually carries their white sticks.  Either they are familiar with the place or very small actually to carry the sticks. But the former looks more digesting. Most of the teachers teaching blinds are blind too.
My role is to start their day. I am supposed to talk to them about general environment and play with them for 3 periods equals 2 hrs from 0800 am to 1000am.
Hesitation and Shyness
Of course the whole credit goes to the kids for removing my hesitation and making me comfortable among them. There are approx 12-15 students, only 3 are girls. We start with the introduction then nursery rhymes, body parts and fruit names. Eldest one is Junaid & youngest one Gopi.  
I Forget that they are Blind
·         Often we see blind adults in neighborhood walking down streets silently with straight and careful face
·         But small kids not like these and why they should be so. They simply
§  running around & falling
§  kicking & fighting
§  pulling each one legs, clothes etc.
§  teasing & making fun of each others name like vipin – pipin, as this is my favorite game too.
§  Commenting on me too which I really enjoy as commenting on teacher is every student right
All these made me actually forget that they can’t see.
My Mistakes
·         Patriotic Kids
If you ever teach small kids never ask them to sing a National Anthem. I just ask one but in a second the whole class stands up and goes on Jan Gana Man. This is not a music class and I am supposed to make them quiet. Somehow I manage but the teachers from other class have to come. Well they were blind too. But more strict than me.
Talent in Classroom
Komal knows so much rhymes that I even can’t count.
Quietness in the Classroom
Gopi just a 2 ft boy and no eyes. He has such a white round face and such a good learner that I even I feel illiterate in front of him by seeing his progress. He knows all the body parts and feels so excited when I used to stand him for that. I love you Gopi you are going to be either Gopi (Krishna) or Gopichand (Badminton star).
God if possible I love to give on rent my eyes to the kids. I really don’t know about anyone medical condition is it curable or not. But really when I got bullions I love to try for these. Please God give me enough for that.
Excellent Day
Thank you God Ji

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Beautiful Life said...

wow it seems you spend awesome time with kids. Kids are the most innocent sole on earth and loveable too. Yes do let me know when i have to donate the eyes for them i m ready for it. Himanshu well done the kids are the most difficult ones to takle. Hope you continue to enjoy wid them. Give my wishes to all of them and yes gopi too c if u cud paste his photgraph also.