Thursday, November 19, 2009

Roselle - A Wonder Plant

Friendship is the relation which we earned ourselves. Its our commitment. The parents, siblings etc we inherit from birth we dont have to look after them. But friends, we choose them as per our interests. Sometimes the relationship works & sometimes not.
But i am lucky to have a friend like Roselle in my life. I really appreciate her attitude towards my life. A true friend i know that she will really dont mind even i misbehave. Thats the real commitment to understand not just the words but also the intentions to make that or not.
One of the most good thing about the good people is when they fall on road then they not only wake up but also remove that stone from road so that no one else can get fall again. She is of that kind. She too suffering from depression from so many years. But now her prime work of the day is to help youngsters not to get out of marshy muddy vicious well of depression & low esteem.Thank you Jesus for support in this form.
I just love to say one thing to her which she taught me too in my words

An arrow can be shot by pulling it backward. So whenever life pull you back dont worry. Its going to lead you forward to victory...........

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