Sunday, November 1, 2009

Terrorist is not born they are made

I think all the terrorists have few things in common. I try to categorise into few:-
• Impoversihed background
• Little Education
• Little hope for happiness in present life

Well everything is for the motive. And same applies here too. But in Gita Lord Krishna says"Karma Karte Raho Phal Ki Chinta Mat Karo". Terrorists are trained in such that do your Karma in this life & get reward in next life. I just try to create an impression of these:-

Rewards in Next Life- Karmas of Present life
•Vintage Wines - For making blood shed of mob & kafirs
•Girls for pleasure - For creating inferno in the life of innocent people
•Instant Matyrdom(shahadat)- Bonus for doing above deeds with clear conscience

Thats how things work semi literated Mullahs take advantage of illetrate people & shape them as per their Jehadi needs.

Choice is completely ours. We want to make our background an excuse for doing sins or making it a strength to inspire for good things.

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