Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wish to have a Magic Stick

I wish to have a magic stick so that i can remove the pain of my beloved & near ones. Today was not a good day. At about 1200 hrs i got the news from Ruchika that her father is in ICU. She is just crying on phone and really cant even whisper. I really feeling hard to console her as she has a exam tomorrow. How she will concentrate.
And then i did that thing which i never expected myself to do. Its reading religious scriptures. Yes, i just go to nearby Vishwagiri temple & pray to lord and read the whole Sundar Kand as told by priest. I really not able to able to understand it but just try to read with full dedication. Legs are start paining but just remembering how much pain Ruchi is going through. Please Lord help Ruchi, she needs you.

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