Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day with Kids

I have done about a week in the blind school. I am enjoying and struggling to have uniformity attention and knowledge for all kids. As some are really good but few very slow learners. Many kids belong to lower income group family and some may be first generation students. Teaching them English is a b
ig deal.
Got the Answers:
• Why teachers say No to “toilet & drinking water” even when a student says “Bahut Zor Ki Lagi Ha Sir Ji”.
• Why cleanliness is giving importance. Because it is really very hard to teach stinky kids. But I really don’t want to compromise my quality with the foul smell. So you have to bear this.
• Why teachers come late. It’s difficult to sit in an empty class. I still feel hard to reach at 0800 hrs but somehow manage to reach till 0810. But it does not bother me. As my commitment for 2 hrs got fulfill as I close at 1010 hrs but still love to be punctual.
• Why teachers got irritated soon as its tough to speak continuously for 2 hrs.
• Why teachers insist to keep quiet every time. As only one student comment is enough to make whole class react on it. It’s hard to get momentum soon after a joke. Aman & Vijay are most naughty. They have a great sense of humor too. I often laugh on their comments as they are really very spontaneous like Ramchandra to Ramu & the damn poem Aada Pada.
• I still feel hard to make a girl student Devi overcome her shy & talk loud.
• It’s really hard to teach blind kids about colors. I feel very emotional too.
• It’s really hard to teach orphan kids about family.
Fun with Gopi is always good. Love to take his pictures & post on blog someday.
Well I personally think it’s really a long journey ahead.
I see the dream last night that I carry laptop to the class for a movie Hanuman to make kids hear about Sankat Mochan.
May God Bless All


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GR8 goin your spirit...

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