Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day with Kids

The day with kids is really good. I got  I got a mouth ulcer so feeling hard to talk loud. But the kids really they don’t have any mercy for you. As like a true enemy they will take advantage of every weakness of you. I can totally understand their feeling. But I am enjoying it. AsBut they are not that much naughty which I am in my class.
I am worried for few things
  • ·    I join the blind school for spending time & fun with the kids and educate them is the road or path towards it. So the most important thing is making study a fun which is not easy at all. It needs time. I have to do home work too. Time is my limitation as I have to do my study too. Struggle is still on.
  • ·   Feeling presurize by the other teachers for yelling at the kids which is totally not my nature. Its my intutiton the kids are used to get slaps from other teachers too. As some naughty kids were locked too in store room as told by the Kids. So I am now trying to make kids emotional instead of yelling. Like no games or no stories if pin drop silence not maintained. Hope it will work.
  • ·    I feel there is too much strictness in the class sometimes. I actually want them to make noise. But really cannot able to give them freedom. As we have to maintain the decorum.
Story Telling
  • ·    Today I tried first time story telling. Great experience about the 80% of class is listening to me. Its really good.
  • ·    Technical detail – oh my god the minds of kids is too sharp. “Hathi Daldal Mein Kaise Gir Sakta Ha” - How can an elephant be trapped in the Muddy well?  This question never comes in my mind. Atleast it shows the kids are interested in the story. I have to convince them about the baby elephant & a class room size muddy well. 
Teaching Manners
  • ·    Its really tough one to handle sometimes. As I told them when you sneeze or cough you should cover your mouth eith hanki & say sorry. So now the whole class start coughing & saying sorry. Its totally unexpected. Sometimes it becomes embarassing as well.
Hindi to English
  • ·    Usually I try to convert everything in hindi to english like what they eat at home or if they fight they mukka-punch etc. But what you call to Chunti Marna. Their must be some word for it but at that I really have to say No.
Fear of Getting Over Emotional
  • I never deal with kids ya I play with some but for short time. So really feel hard to treat crying kids. Actually a boy Ramchandra lost his Kalam. Actually its not ordinary one its like a needle used to make a hole in the paper. I feel confused whether to show emotions or not. I think I still have to learn a lot.
Dada of Class
  • My class students varies with age someone even double the age of others too. And some can see too. So they dominate in the class too. I really have to become strict sometimes. But really don’t know how to maintain a balance.
Well whatever I really have to go a long way.
Want to thanks the kids for being patient with me or bearing me.Thanks a lot kids for giving me a Hero kinda welcome & a see off too. I will try my best to make you Learn with Fun.
Thanks Shefali for giving me this Idea.
Thank you Jesus.

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