Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun With Kids

Happy Day Again As Expected With Kids

I do not want to write a blog now. But somehow a thought make my fingers play with keyboard now.
A call from my friend some weeks ago & really disturb me alot. I just say him that i am looking for some story books for the kids. But he talk so rudely that first you concentrate on your career.
We have eyes, ears, nose, hands, legs and hopefully they are working well.
But there is a segment of society who really needs special attention.
Dont you think so? Well i think the same.
So it really hurts me at that time when people become selfish in regard of their self & family. Forget it i am not writing it to open eyes of society. I spend time with kids because i like it.

Poetry Class
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on full swing. I just started hopefully kids will get it by the end of this week. Its really hard to give them Hindi meaning to it because it is without rhythm so i have to tell them as a story. Not easy to create a story on poems on the spot.

Parts of the Body - Game
I today added name of fingers to the game. Now i suppose we covering every part of the body in class. So it now starting boring the kids. I have to develop to more additions lets see.

Demand of Stories on Rise
Stories telling normally two stories a day. Stories of forest attract the kids most. But as Junaid and Yash is more than 10 years they demand bit intellectual one. But i usually try to balance among the stories.
I am confused whether i should ask questions on stories or not. Well the response of kids will tell the rest.

New Admission
Paramjeet join today. So on our class now a Hindu, Muslim & Sikh. Its awesome.

Kids got Angry
Actually i really do not want to do it. But kids really feel ditched. I promise them that we will play Stand up and Sit down. But the bell rings before the time i expected. So we cant able to play today. So they got bit angry especially Sonu "Sir ji maine apko kaha tha bell bajne wali ha".
Sorry Class.

Missing Gopi
The best and quietest student of the class is on leave these days. I am missing you.

Love You
God Bless All

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