Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hardware Vs Underware

For a commerce student like me most of the time on PC is either spend on
  • Ms Word or 
  • Ms Excel or 
  • Internet
Really its hard for me to understand the program commands & the inside organs of the system
Motherboard is enough to remind me of my Nani.
My system was just taking too much time to restart,so i call my brother who is doing software engineering to see the problem. And he simply format the C Drive. But nothing works.
So now its Hardware fault.
Is it the game of just Permutations & Combinations ?
Like any sensitive father i am concern only one thing when my PC was opened
Now its about 4-5 days i cannot work on my PC.
Its hard to work on other PC just like driving anybody car.
Its bit uncomfortable. And the privacy too is the concern.
I think whatever is happens is for good.

So now its time that i should learn some PC Maintainance too.
I am looking for some course.
I wish after the course i will feel as confortable with hardware as i with the underware.

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