Sunday, December 6, 2009

Health is Wealth.But How Much?

Health is always regarded as wealth as per study books. But slowly like any other utmost fact of life we realize importance of it. Some soon & some later. I am writing here from a point of view of teenager why it is regarded as Wealth?
Bad Things Attached With Bad Health:-
  • Socially Disconnection as it’s always feel uncomfort to manage in loud music & lights when you are in bad shape. It makes you tired & uneasy shortly. 
  • Say No you have to follow “Not to Eat” practice for many things like non-veg & hard drinks which too make you alone in the mob in such a young age.
  • Ever Increasing Expectations you have to take pain to go out more than the other person accompanying you. So your expectations goes up with every effort to create smile on your face which simply the other person can’t understand.
  • Girls they search for hard nuts that can carry them to 100th floor of a building. So you just become a loose nut instead of chest nut.
  • Adda the outing the place of hang out. Instead of looking out for good malls or discs you are turning for good ortho or neuro or rushing for MRI, city scans etc. Evening always goes like that.
  • Love Vs Sympathy it’s always makes you confused that whether they just concern with you or you illness. Its bad but it happens.
  • Loneliness is also a big problem. As most of the time you have to sit at home & avoid outing.
  • Squeezing Circle the social circle keeps on getting short from circle to semi circle. New friends very hard to get as you avoid going out & meet & old friends also starts U turn due to distance.
Whole this process creates vicious circle which is hard to resist & ultimately break you down.
Good Things Too Comes In Small Installments

  • Bearing level increases
  • Health conscious before time
  • Staying away from bad company
  • Imaginative world opens his arms for you.
  • Spiritual life attracts you
  • Religion calls you
  • Social responsibilities buckle you
  • Emotional & down to earth
  • Independent hobbies
  • Blessing always work these times
  • Distinguish between Friends &Good Friends is made at this time only
  • Time Management
  • Self Analysis
  • Family support & love
  • Healthy brain lives in healthy body is a myth. You can prove wrong.

Look For Solutions & Not Problems
Health Is Wealth 
Some Inherit It & Some Have To Earn It
 Start Earning Now

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