Monday, December 14, 2009

Hospital Management

Me and father met with an accident at December 9 midnight. Its a marriage season. Suddenly a whole mob ( about 10) of stray dogs start tracing us from all sides. And in order to take a gap the bike slipped. And we have to rush to nearby hospital Jaipur Golden at about 0100 hrs. 
I went to hospital many times but as a patient and not as an attentdant. Its a different feeling now but i totally mentally aware & conscious to fulfill all the procedures.

Emergency Case
This department is to deal with emergency cases & providing first aid too. Its cooperative one.
One doctor diagnose him with a broken wrist &
call a resident Dr. Goyal as no Orthologist in the Hospital at midnight.
Its difficult to digest that time as in night accident cases are expected.
Well i control my anger.
They give us half an hour waiting time but Dr. Goyal is there in 15 minutes. Its good. 
Meanwhile we have an X ray so waiting did not pinch us much.

X Ray Department

They are bad really very bad.
What is the meaning of Night Duty? It means you are sleeping in day time & working in night.
The room is locked from inside. Why? So that they can get a proper sleep without disturbance.
We have to knock the door and wake them up.
In case of accident i suppose the most difficult thing is to remove the clothes of the patient.
Its really hard for the relatives to do that due to emotions.

But we have to do that as they donot even care for it ,just instructing us. Damn. Son of bitch..
Its a Private Hospital Not a Goverment.

Paper Work
I think form is ok. There are not much repetitions in the form. Only one thing haunt me is Consent Form was not available in the Emergency Ward. So we have to wait for 10 minutes. Its hard to wait at that time as we had given the implied approval. My father had to sign with left hand. Its difficult.

Doctors are good. Dr. Goyal & one more senior ortho surgeon. They said the operation is successful. For us its difficult to say this time. But i love to say them Thanks for their cooperation.

They are fine. Normally attending us well and looking after father too.
But one thing haunt me that there is a time in the night of about half an hour or bit less than it.
In which nooone actually responds to us. Noone sister is available.
Actually one sister tells me to close a Dip (a bottle white liquid like water) when the bottle get empty.
But i am not sure whether i done it right or not. So i call them but noone come. Its hard for me at that time. Finally a staff attendant come to ensure it.
I think this type of total absenteeism can be of two reasons either
  • Dinner time or
  • Emergency Case where all sisters required
But both one can be avoided.

At the time of discharge i am not there so really cannot say about it. But no complaints.
If all the above problems is with Government Hospital then i can understand.
But in Private other than Doctors, Staff & General Cooperation is too expected.

God Bless All

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