Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mummology - Mummy Here

Mummies of course the best creatures of this world. Somehow they are different type of species created specially for serving hard head kids like me. They are simply not the ordinary woman.
My mum index finger got cut by the knife last night. Really it bleeds a lot. But nothing effects her by waking up at 0500 hrs next morning to wash clothes. I am on my bed that time.
My nature is personally i feel very complaining towards her in certain aspects.
Really i not able to understand why she keep going on these?
So i always yell Please Mummy Stop It.
  • Washing the vegetables even after cutting it or pealing it off? As per biology book it wash away the vitamins. But as per Mummology it is just being extra careful. She did not want even a single germ to haunt their kids.
  • Collecting all the poly bags. Who said poly bags banned. Come my home i will show you.
  • Even packing material. Like if you order an ice cream brick then you may get a plastic container. It can be used in kitchen for keeping detergent liquid for dish wash. Yes try it.
  • Rubber bands. The black one come with the newspaper. Ya we collect all those.
  • Tuesday Markets well phere wala markets is very popular especially for purchasing small local plastic baskets. I have a huge collection of multi size multi colour baskets. Half of them in the almirah.
  • Oh my god even Samosa Ketchups sometimes
  • Using Tooth brush even after it surrenders
But still no substitute of her in this world.  i know my kids too make fun of me like that. But i love that hope my mumm too.

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