Thursday, December 24, 2009

Volunteering Start Again

After a gap of so many days so it finally starts again. I am in School again. Most of the kids are off due to christmas but few are present. Here is the list of present students:-
  1. Junaid
  2. Aman
  3. Sonu
  4. Devi
  5. Sunita
  6. Komal
  7. Ramchandra
  8. Vipin
They all live in the hostel. So all the Delhihites are missing. As i promise i will arrange pics of kids. So i stay on words & somehow make a video on Ramchandra reciting BAA BAA BLACK SHIP. He is 7 years old & a Bihari.Actually like most of the kids he belong too a very poor family. His father died. Today Aman make fun of Ramchandra that "Sir ji isne he maara ha apne papa ko".
I know he did  not understand the meaning of this. But i really love to see him more matured.
Vipin complains that Ramchandra urinates in his trousers. I really dont know what to say at that time except stopping the class from laughing at the Ramchandra and advicing Ram to its a bad habbit.

Damn System
I arrange a small video but this system is not allowing me to share it on web. So i have to be more patient and will upload it later.

Confusion of Being Futuristic Or Not For The Kids

I really today think about the Junaid alot. He is 12 years old and in Nursery class. So just thinking at what age will he be able to complete his schooling may be at 25 or more. He is actually a smart kids as per Nursery standard. But he is should be in higher classes by now and i think he deserves it.

Devi - A Miracle Kid
Devi surprise me a lot today. He actually remembers poem. And he recites the English Poem. Ya angrazi one. Devi is a very very shy girl. And belongs to Bihar. She remembers 6 lines out of 8 after 10 days. Its her achievement. She actively takes part in the game of body parts too. My impression totally changes about her.

Looking for Contents
Its hard for me to get topics for 2 hour daily. So temporarily i am managing with story telling which i do half an hour. Really looking for much broader scale. More poems & more things.

In this world English & Computers is enough to give anyone sleep less nights especially to those who are totally unfamiliar with it. I try my best but really dont know how i can teach them English as a language not as a Subject.

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