Monday, January 25, 2010

Volunteering in Blind School

The day with kids are going fine. I am exploring myself with them with every passing day.
Working as an volunteer is really good as you have total freedom to decide what to taught.
Thats the best part of my day with kids. I feel unfortunate that i cannot give them full day.
Class I also joins in few times in past week and they too feel good with me. And they request to teach them too. I suppose they love stories very much.
Well i am not praising myself. But now the nursery class is more intelligent than I std. They knows more words.

Question Session - Kids are now moving on the right track. They start questioning without any fear or shy. Even Devi. And Parmeet he is so fluent once he ask "sir ji chalak ka matlab bura hota ha ya acha". I am wicked what to answer because in the story it was used as good.Even Vijay " sir ji samjhane ko kya kahate ha, shimla mirch ko kya kahte ha."

English Learning - Teaching general English is funny actually. As

  • Thappar ko Slap
  • Mukke ko Punch
  • Ladai ko fight

Its interesting to form such pairs and enjoy in the class.

See off to Ramchandra - Ramchandra expelled from school. He has a bad habbit of littering in his trousers . It may be one of the reason. I really do not want to get in much detail But its really my luck and Jesus gift that i have a short video of him so that i can remember him. God Bless.

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ρομπερτ said...

Thank you for sharing the day and its interesting features. Working as a teacher myself, it is indeed of joy to see kids happy.
Even though, many times it is very difficult.
Please have a wonderful Tuesday.