Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lets Pray - for Shefali

My prayers seems to have no power. Thats why begging to all good wishers to pray for the woman who save my life - Shefali Sister
Last year when i went through a depression, she is the one of few who dares to call me & spend time with me. The most difficult thing in curing the depressed person is first to contact that person by breaking the veil & then continuously motivating them
She met me on orkut & took my number & call me & call me & call me & changed me.
I still remember her loud voice & smile.
But now my saviour is in danger. She needs help. She is going through a massive bout of depression
I talk to her today, i do Cry alot. I cant even tell how bad i felt
Please Jesus, Krishna, Wahe Guru & Allah save her
She needs you
Take My Life.Bring the old Shefali back. God Ji Please do consider my request.


A New Beginning said...

Just Pray for her and be by her side. May God heal her soon!

Anonymous said...

Send you the strength I call my own, to be used to make her fine again. Many getting well wishes.

Himanshu said...

@ A New Begining
i really worried for her she is really in bad shape. she cures me & now herself ...

& Pourept
Thks alot. She needs lots of energy. I call her yesterday but not picked up the phone. May be she is still in hospital. i want to meet her but she refuses. God bless everything went well.
may she has a good week ahead

Jzt 4 me... said...


As the saying says...50% with Man and 50% with God...means Let Man do his 50% and God will do his 50%...

Himanshu, as a good friend, you have to give her full support and do your bit...give her the courage and strength to face these dark days...Rest God will do his bit and save her...

Our prayers are surely with u and ur friend...

Himanshu said...

@ Jzt 4 me thks alot for such kind words