Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who comes first - Success or Spiritual Guru?

Sometimes i do wonder that Why Richy rich people so inclined towards spiritual guru.
Reasons may vary :-
  • Peace of Mind as they have everything except this or
  • To purify their sins
  • Just following the market trend
  • Tax Planning. Deduction u/s 80 under Income Tax Act
  • To know their future in advance as they have bigger insecurities 
But still who comes first Success or Guru?
Is there any examples in the history when a poor becomes rich after getting in touch with Spiritual Master.

Today i got the opportunity of meet a very successful person namely Mr. Mutneja 65 year old Chartered Accountant . He become CA in 1967. He is office was totally packed with Income Tax Books & OSHO books.


BK Chowla, said...

Spirituality has nothing to do with being rich or poor.

Anonymous said...

Well I personally believe this is all a show off ... In reality , if you are really spiritual , then you seek for happiness n not success !

Himanshu said...

@ B K Chowla
well u are right but very few examples when people get associated with spiritual guru when they are poor & become successful after that

i too think the same