Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Father & Me on Babri Verdict

Jab Mashab or Kom Par Udhte Ha Sawal
To Shayd Hi Koi Pharak 
Rahta Ha Haivan aur Insan  Mein
Rickshaw Wale or MBBS Doctor Mein

I asked my literate Father once

Who is RSS?
He replies, if Muslims attack us then this is the only party who will save us.

After that day i never ask again. He hates Congress Dr. Manmohan Singh & often use word Kutta for him.I hate him for that. 
He is a true believer that Muslims intentionally have more kids because they want to become majority in India and want to have control over the whole country.
He always has a problem when Muslims gather together every Friday but certainly no issues when we had Mata Ki Chowki or Kavad Yatra or Nagar Kirtan. I again hate him for that.

INDIA Sovereignty has a threat with citizens like him.
But fortunately these citizens are now getting old & Young Brigade is taking over. 
THIS NOT 1992 THIS IS 2010
1991 is the year of Liberalization
We are now 19 years ahead


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. But the fact that a father and son can have such contrasting views shows how far we have come. And I would like to believe that it's not just a generational thing.

I just hope that the tribe of people who want to unite people grows larger.

B Singh

Heavenly Muse said...

its a pleasure to know about your liberal ideas.

Himanshu said...

@ B Singh thank you sir for comments i really appreciate your words that u take in a correct way
well my words & ur thoughts getting true

@ Heavenly Muse
really thnks alot for maiden comments. i do think many times to post it or not

Kraxpelax said...

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Heavenly Muse said...

you know if you had to face a conflict whether to post these thoughts or not then surely you were going to say something new that has the enough stamina to break ice.....
keep it up.....
respect the humanity will surely pay back you by making your conscious satisfied.

Himanshu said...

@ heavenly muse
woe very nice thought really i m overwhelmed from such clear words. i think i m following such consciousness