Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vivekananda Ji & Me - Secret Talks Sssshhhhhhhh

Today is January 12 Swami Vivekananda Birthday. It is celebrated as National Youth Day. 
We have none other than himself Swami Ji on such an august day.

Me: Happy Birthday Swami Ji on your 150th Birthday
Swami Ji : Thanks Son
Me: Thanks to you Swami Ji
Swami Ji: Why? 
Me: Your thoughts help me gaining extra marks in the class assignments. 
Swami Ji: Lol.....really so because of me you get extra grades
Me: Ji Swami Ji I still remember Arise, Awake & Stop Not. Till the goal is reached.
Swami Ji: Great So have you reached?
Me: Ya i got the marks. My chart is displayed in the center of Display board.
Swami Ji: No i am talking about the life
Me: Life no life science is not in the course. Its neither written in class assignment nor our class teacher said so.I swear. 
Swami Ji: Ha ha no problem.So what else you know about me.
Me:Well your speech first line My American brothers & sisters.Where you get so many claps.
Swami Ji: Ohh its in Chicago i suppose.
Me: Swami Ji did you mean that? I mean nothing wrong in brothers but all your sisters too.
Swami Ji: So whats wrong in that? You can also do that.
Me: No i cant.
Swami Ji: Well why so?
Me: I not able to follow it.
Swami Ji: No problem son. You know we too get distracted in our times. But you must have strong will power & confidence.
Me Swami Ji You cover whole India in just 4 years on 11 number bus. How?
Swami Ji: 11 number?
Me: I mean by walking
Swami Ji: Ya i done that
Me: Well in just 4 years. May be as there is no red lights. No traffic and no terrorist threat.
Swami Ji: Well there were no roads then. I walk bare foot. Its not the picnic. I go for a purpose. 
Ok time to leave son.
Me: Thank you Swami Ji. Can we have a picture?
Swami Ji: Ya Sure Son
Swami Ji: Do remember me to call me on next birthday.I felt very alone these days.  I know you young guys really busy. But do have a thought again on the thought arise, awake......its in the course. Do check it.


Heavenly Muse said...

A true discourse by an enlightened young mind.
check it our ..i dont know why but your post reminds me this song

Himanshu said...

hi very well said & very nice song
very different voice
presence of Hasan Nisar really enlightened me
if u have such more please send more links

Anonymous said...

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