Saturday, March 5, 2011

Single Out

A Must Single Out 

Giving Wings to the Fire
Offering Wings in the Fire

Big cause of failure, direction less mind set
Biggest cause of failure, multi direction mind set


ViJ@Y said...

Quite agree wid u when we go in multiple direction, we go nowhere.

Himanshu said...

@vijay ya its true

Honest Abe Lincoln said...

There is also the right way and the wrong way.

Himanshu said...

@honest abe lincoln thks for comments. here we are talking about d choice among equals and about own ability. as both are mutually exclusive events & we have limited time. both fire & d wings are in pic.

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

I agree with you..!

shefali said...
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Himanshu said...

thks i too