Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Count Your Teachers on Guru Purnima (Sunday)

Try to remember all your teachers today
Lets see - how much i be able to do

Mrs. Sunita Guglani (my mother) First teacher of my life

I done my schooling from Kendriya Viddyalaya 
Primary Classes - Class I to V
  • Mrs. Kurshesh - Class teacher, Hindi teacher, EVS (environment studies)
  • Mrs. Prabha - Science Teacher
  • Mrs. Suit - Social Studies Teacher
  • Mrs. Orange (thats the name whch we used to call her, sorry i not able to recognize her real name)
  • Mrs. Sahni (i can still remember her strict face)
  • Kerala Wali Madam (Tutor)
  • Mr. D.P. Guglani (my father - i still remember his swanking & my susu)
Secondary Classes - Class VI to X
  • Mrs. Annapurna - Class Teacher & Social Studies teacher 
  • Mrs. Neeru Khanijow - Science Teacher (my favorite)
  • Mrs. Sarojini Naidu - Maths Teacher (she is principal wife & thats not her real name) 
  • Mrs. Lakshmi - Maths Teacher (one of the most disciplined teacher - i truly miss you Madam)
  • Mrs. Softi - Sports Teacher
  • Mr. Raj kumar - Sports Teacher (a Jat teacher) 
  • Mr. Prem Chand - SUPW teacher (socially useful productive work)
  • Mrs.Gulati - English 
  • Mrs.Raina - Hindi
  • Mr. Rajesh (Best Tuition Centre - English Speaking Course)
  • Mr. Hitesh (Heera) (Best Tuition Centre - English Speaking Course)
  • Mrs. Renu Malik (my elder sister she taught me at home & saved me many times from father swanking)
Senior Secondary (XI & XII)
  • Mrs. Monika Bajaj - Class teacher & Economics teacher
  • Mr. S P Malik Accounts
  • Mrs. Barsati (not real name) Business Studies 
  • Maths teacher (i can visualize her face but not able to recognize the name)
  • English teacher (i can visualize her face but not able to recognize the name)
  • Virgi (my God Father) 
  • Progress Coaching Center - Maths Tutor (i can visualize her face but not able to recognize the name)
  • Mr. D.P. Guglani (my father - i still remember his swanking & my susu)
Done B.Com (H) from Rajdhani College Delhi University
  • Virgi (my God Father
  • Statistics teacher (my favourite) 
  • Income Tax teacher
  • Economics teacher
  • Accounts teacher
  • Business Studies teacher
  • CA Pradeep Sharma - Income Tax Saraswati Academy of Professionals (SAP)
  • Mr. Rajesh (Duggal Coaching Centre)
  • Mrs. Monica - Economics (Saraswati Academy of Professionals) (SAP)
  • Progress Coaching Center Maths Teacher
Its a shame that i not able to recognize the names of the teachers

Chartered Accountancy Teachers
PE II - CA (Inter)
  • CA Parveen Sharma Accounts  
  • CA R K Mehta - Costing & Income Tax 
CA (Final)
  • CA Vinod Gupta Direct Tax Final
  • CA Ajay Jain Indirect Tax Final
  • CA Rajesh Makkad Costing & MAFA Final
  • CA Pankaj Garg Audit PE II
  • CA Ranjeet Direct Tax Final
  • CA Kamal Garg Audit Final
  • CA Rajender Prasad
  • CA Pooja Gupta
  • CA Sameer
  • CA Harprakash Madan
  • CA Ajesh Tuli
  • CA Rajiv
  • CA Mutneja
  • CA Mohit Gupta
  • Ruchika Bhardwaj
  • Anju
  • Shefali
  • Vani
  • Sheena
  • Roselle ( a wonder plant)
I wish i be able to HUG ALL ONE DAY
Jab Guru Mil Gaya To Mann Bacha Hi Kaha, Woh To Man Ka Lutera Ha 


BK Chowla, said...

It is a wonderful thought.
I appreciate your sentiments.

Which pvt classes did you join to prepare for CA?

Anonymous said...

Thats so sweet of you Himanshu ...And its good that you remember all their names and still have so much respect towards them , coz I have seen guys usually are good at its opposites ..:)Wish your wish come true soon :)

P said...

That's very sweet of you. I am studying to be a teacher and this makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile!

Unknown said...

@ B K Chowla
thks for comments. well there are different teachers for different subjects. you do not mention the name of course like CPT (entrance or foundation) or IPCC (new name of Inter or PE II or final. if you tell me that then i can advice you better otherwise Laxmi Nagar is the best place to get all the coaching for CA

hi thks for comments. well i do not remember all the names but i do try. Thank you so much yes i want to hug them all one by one

hi its gr8 that you are going to be a teacher.you know i too a part time teacher but just for fun. You know the most difficult thing as a teacher is to say no to a student (when you do not know the answer of his query)Teaching is the second most difficult work ofcourse first one is being a student. Best of luck & be honest.