Saturday, December 8, 2018

Last 5 years in less than 5 X 20 lines

Well the heading seems like an Essay Writing Competition. But, fortunately NO its not. Its my Diary and only my bad  luck that got the curiosity to pen down and kick start my heart after a long gap of 5 years. The question is why this happens? So that answer is IDK.. i don't know. Lots of things happens in such a quick way that did not get the enough vigor to express it. Last time, i posted way back in 2013.But this surely does not mean that Himanshu Guglani is a boring person. I have lot to share. But this time via this maiden post, just a flash back with a promise that I try my best that sin like this never happens again. 

Shall we start......... waiting ........................ OK Silence means Yes

On personal front i am not a boy anymore now a married man. I completed the Brahamcharya Ashram (successfully or not, i knew the answer but don't want to divert the topic this time). But, yes i completed the knowledge front and move to MONEY front that is one of the primary objective of Grahastha Ashram with  Shipra (my wife in Pic). Not only that am now a pround owner of Bullet Electra 350 CC. She is now 33,000 kms old.Will dedicate a separate post for it. 

As a Nude Traveller lets begin with the interesting far flung places i visited so far. Myself a strong believer of  
Dalai Lama that one must travel to one place atleast in a year that you never visited before. 

International honeymoon in Singapore (Universal studio, Cruise)
Trek to Kuari Pass (approx 15000 ft)
Bullet ride to Leh from Manali (approx 18500 ft)
Travel to Shillong, Cherapunji (Double decker route bridge, water falls)

All these places make me a far better planner and also helps in
gaining the real knowledge about my own country plus the world. All these time time where i am not blogging i was active on the Facebook and have separate albums for each trip. All these trips pre-occupied my mind for months. All have a dedicated movie type album covering each and every place which we as couple covered with our limited resources.

All those time when i am not travelling, try to fulfill my Social Responsiblity.  Another important thing for which credit goes to my ex boss Mr. Ashish Bansal. He helps me in the transition from small volunteering in the blind school to our own NGO - "DO KADAM - TO BRING SMILE". Currently the same is unregistered and fund raising from Whatsapp and spending is in the NCR areas. We really feel proud to say that we spend atleast Rs. 2 lacs in different areas from food distribution, clothes, education sponsor, toilet construction, water tank, black boards etc.It all helps in understanding a complete different segment of society. I am cent per cent sure that as disposable income increases the spending will also increase. God is great that he gives us a chance to do something good.  The pictures are not in public circulation and same are shared via Whatsapp only to group members only. We usually do all this stuff in weekend only.      

In the professional front as CA by profession, i firstly joined Relaxo footwears Limited now move to Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. in the Internal Audit profile only. I gained a lot in terms of money & respect but certainly there are Losses is in terms of time. I lost 3 hours daily in commuting plus lots of energy.Make lots of friends in both the companies and have lot to share but will publish them and try also to enrich them with some creative stuff.   

 For now allow me to press the full stop key.  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

It Matters for Me

It may seems to be a tiny achievement for most. But yes, it matters for me.

There are endless creatures in my life, who maintains a daily complaint register against me
But, i have very few to whom i can register my anger One regret got over today
As i completed my Post Graduation with First Division

Thanks to those who always take care for me.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Man to Rapist to Eunuch

The above chain itself suggests what the article is meant for. The present law provides maximum life sentence for rape and death sentence for murder. Our lawmakers intentionally did not provide parallel sentences for the mentioned crimes, as the equality may convince the criminal to murder the victim after raping her.   

In my opinion few amendments should be introduced in the present legislature such as:-

ü  If the rapist is bachelor, he may be sentenced for maximum life imprisonment but not less than ten years

ü  If the rapist is married, he may be castrated (i.e. removal of testicles along with penis) through medical surgery

Along with this, a subsequent amendment may also be introduced in the case of “rape with murder”. In this, the accused be punished with castration along with imprisonment. This amendment is necessary to equate the rape & rape with murder.

All these measures should be taken to create a fear in the mind of society.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Practice Makes A Man Perfect. But Woman?

Practice makes a man perfect. What about woman? Nothing, either they are born tough or rough. The simple reason behind this fact is loss of 10 precious years of post qualification due to the sole pious authority and responsibility of building family. These 10 years are the most important for dull men (like me) or women. Men got the opportunity to burn their past and women unfortunately loose it.

Women prefer to get pregnant by max 30 or 35 due to medical reasons. The moment you start your family you simply loose 10 precious years of your career life out of 35 (25 to 60).

We generally start our career at 22-25. The next 10 years are the most precious in post qualification. As one is full of physical and mental vigor in this period. Women have to apply this vigor in raising family. These things may look small but broad enough to break the career back bone. Men don’t have such restrictions. Just heard in the news that now even breast milk can be donated. These things I don’t know how much good for health but helps the workaholic girl.

Only smart girls survive and the rest have to cut their wings for their offspring (like my mother)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Emotional Vacation - A kit-kat break from happiness

Being emotional does not necessarily mean that you just had a tragic setback. Sometimes you are emotional because you want to be such. You may or may not have the clear reason. But the fact is at the very moment you need a break from routine happiness. 

Many a times, we love to portray ourselves as the weak contender so as to earn sweet tight hug in return. Many a times people may misjudge you by declaring you as an emotional , rondu & a soft person rather accepting it as a short vacation. One must hear such from things from left ear and allow it to flow through right without creating any obstacles. 

All we need is listeners rather speakers (i.e. no honking at red light) , preferably the opposite sex. The remedy lies in your ability of managing human beings like a remote control. Well this control has only three buttons talk, listen and mute. Any cross connection among these will surely spoil your vacations. 

People will always dodge you to vomit your whole life in a minute or two, so that they can conclude it shortly. I have well fabricated four lines for above mentioned defective remote controls - 
My problems are my personal property for which all publishing rights are reserved. By personal, i mean they are not public. By public, i mean every person except two viz. me and my handkerchief. I knew that i am not a good actor as my face reflects what i feel but i am a very good listener so your poking will not sustain for long.

As there is a term unforced errors in lawn tennis. There should also be a provision of taking leave on the basis of khama kha sentiments. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day - 2012

Although, geographically Indian subcontinent ranges from Hindu Kush mountains in present day Afghanistan to Burma. But, the whole South Asia (Indian Subcontinent) was never ever in a single rule. So, we should not feel shy to accept the existence of our beautiful neighbors. 
India is the seventh largest country of the world.I personally think that we born in a very good time as we can move in any of the 25 states (for 3 we need state permit) and 7 UTs freely i.e. 2.4% of total world area absolutely free without any visas etc. We can buy land, follow our desires etc.  We should use this independence wisely. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Oath on Rakhi

I am not here to write an essay on Rakhi, which we all used to since our primary schooling. I am here to request you all, especially my Punjabi brothers. 

Avoid using abuses which directly attack someone's else sister. Say no to BC (BEHEN CHOD OR FUCK YOUR  SISTER) from today and forever. I knew when we all use it, we don't mean it actually. But, if we really do not mean it, then why we are using it mindlessly.

Either mean it or don't dare to utter it

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Turning Point

The sole objective of the above image is to force you to analyze the difference between repeating the truth and living the truth. The last line in bold is to highlight how to make up the difference.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

“You’re Left Over, Our Make Over” Chartered Accountants

Hello friends, as we knew that union budget was tabled in the parliament by Dear Pranab Babu yesterday. I am not competent enough to comment on the effects of Budget on Indian Economy because my own fundamentals of economics are quite shaky.
But here I am to highlight the few from the perspective of a “Practicing Chartered Accountant”.
I read a very interesting story published in “India Today” a year before regarding the increase in the sale of coffins in Pakistan. Usually coffins are quite lucrative and middle class people avoid using it.  But the  mercy less high intensity explosions in the crowded streets of Pakistan left the bodies of victims in so bad condition that their relatives left with no other option except to use coffins. You must also hear about teh news break out a year or two before regarding the massive increase in the sale of condoms in South Korea when North Korea alarmed them. Actually, the increased sale was considered as the insecured human behavior.  

In the same way, I suppose that the proposed legislature is really going to create a win- win situation for all “Practicing Chartered Accountants” and “Chartered Accountancy Firms”. Here are the few reasons to illustrate, why I suppose so:-

Reason 1: Tax @1 % on Transfer of Immovable Property
TDS (tax deducted at source) on transfer (e.g. sale) of immovable property other than agriculture land will attract tax @1%, if the consideration exceeds Rs. 50 Lacs and Rs. 25 Lacs for urban & rural area respectively. TDS is just like advance tax. The intention of law levying TDS is to avoid the delay in collection of revenue. It simply means, if you purchase any property in Delhi and want to get it registered and the consideration (on which stamp duty is levied) is worth Rs. 51 Lacs then besides stamp duty you also have to pay Rs. 51,000/- as TDS. Registrar babu will not entertain your sale deed unless TDS Challan is furnished along with the deed. 
My take: Big business ahead for CAs, one can expect more scrutiny cases on property dealers and builders. 

Reason 2: Levy of Service Tax on all Services Except 17
Previously, they were few countable (slighly more than hundred) services under the ambit of service tax. But now all except 17 are covered. The tax rate is also increased from 10 to 12%. It simply means if your kid is going to some private coaching centre or you are availing catering service for your sister marriage you have to pay 2% extra. It is the responsibility of service provider i.e. your tutor or caterer. They have to collect service tax from their customer and deposit it straight to the revenue.
My take: Again more CAs will be required to take care of the accounts as well as in ensuring the timely deposit of taxes and filing of returns.

Reason 3: Minimal Tax @18.5% on Adjusted Gross Receipts
Every person (as defined in Income Tax Act except local authority) is now under the regime of minimum tax. Companies under “Minimum Alternate Tax” (computation on the basis of book profit) and other assesses under “Alternate Minimum Tax” (computation on the basis of adjusted gross receipts). The intention of law is to discourage excessive tax planning. Now individuals, Hindu undivided family, AOP, BOI or any other form of artificial judicial person earning more than Rs. 20 Lacs have to shell out 18.5% of their total gross receipts without providing for any deduction under Chapter VI-A. It means if a man earning salary income before providing for any deduction  Rs. 21 Lacs have to pay at least  @18.5% i.e. Rs. 3,88,500/-. If the actual tax, after allowing all the deductions, is less than credit can be taken. For Partnership firms and LLPs (limited liability partnerships) there is no ceiling limit of Rs. 20 Lacs.
My take: CAs are going to charge fixed amount annually besides filing the return.

These are few of the highlights of Budget which i suppose will bring more work in the offices of Chartered Accountants. Myself, a Chartered Accountancy Final Student. All the views are based on the personal interpretation extracted from Union Budget 2012-13. 

My best wishes to all the Chartered Accountants.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello friends wishing you all a Happy Makar Sakranti. Pardon, who is Mr. Makar and why you wishing me on his Sakranti, I bet you must be thinking the same way, please don’t doubt. I mean this. I never ever wish anyone before for “Makar Sakranti “. No I am not Mr. Late. I don’t wish anyone because I simply don’t have any satisfying reason. Yes a satisfying reason for celebration. I mean the occasion which was meant to be celebrated, which truly brings back your child like cosmic smile & other Kodak moments from your wardrobe.

The technical reason behind the Makar Sakranti, which was taught to us by our bujurg dada dadi, was actually very straight forward - we should celebrate because Sun on this very day enters into Makar Rashi (zodiac sign). So, it was a holy moment and has to be followed by sacred bath. All this seems like a quadratic equation.

But we, as youngsters in city, simply not able to connect ourselves neither with the Sun nor with sacred bath. You will surely find yourself as a laughing stock if you call someone at mid night (as we used to do on New Year, Diwali etc.) & say Hey Pal, Happy Makar Sakranti, come on let’s throw a party, see Sun after so much delay finally entering into Makar Rashi. You know what it means? i.e. our future is really going to change very soon.

Do you really thing it will work? NO. “Makar Sakranti” by its typical Hindi Accent announces itself as a festival which is meant only for priests and other holy man.

But yesterday, I came to know about one more thought regarding the celebration. The picture above created by me is based on the inputs taken from the article of Swami Tejomayaranda in yesterday newspaper. Sorry I forget the name of newspaper. But, we can reach him through his website
He interprets Makar as a Sanskrit word which stands for Crocodile and Sakranti means turning or complete revolution. The crocodile here symbolizes the worldly attachments that are holding us in their firm grip. So to remind us or in the words of Swami to turn the crocodile we should celebrate Makar Sakranti. The reason seems to be more logical. Leave one bad habit today or if cant leave restrict it. We can celebrate the day as No Smoking Day or Dry Day or No Adultery this weekend. I take an oath that I will apply all those things which I just created in the picture.

I find this reason a more understandable & practical one and that’s why I am daring to wish you all again HAPPY MAKAR SAKRANTI.  

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The year 2011 was a sure shot year of hope. Yes “hope”, the word seems to be light but has hidden ability to recreate the thunders inside an underdog. As after practicing diet in 2009 & 2010 I finally got the chance to see (eating not allowed yet) curry this year. It did start with an unexpected failure but got cured soon with an equally unexpected remedy. I did faced few of the troublesome things like Home Shifting. The experience was really very bad.  But, it helps me to unmask few closed ones.  Somehow it did initiate a trend of loosening ties. Is that  irreversible? Can't say. 
Many people do add many things. But few can’t be left without shaking hands viz.:-
  • Anju (Guru Sister & Confessor)
  • Soni Sharma (My Confessor & a Motivator)
  • Samta Gulia (My Teacher)
  • Audrey (An Eye Opener)
  • Mukesh Singh (An Eye Opener)
  • Pawan Sharma (Underwear Friend)
  • Arooj (Blogger)
Now turn on the regrets. Here are the people with whom I can’t be able to spend much time viz. sorry…
  • Ruchika Bhardwaj
  • My Blog
  • Roselle Jackosalem (Wonder Plant)
  • B.K.Chawla (Blogger)
 Ha..ha… now some serious talks about girls of course how can I deny this fact? With every passing second its getting really very difficult for me to maintain my virginity.  I am under oath for not to drink, eating non vegetarian & adultery relations. So I have no right to flirt too. At least 2 or 3 girls rejected me this year. But last year it was 4. So how many said yes till – a damn none. Never mind its improving.  I wish it will soon be turned zero. I will meet my soul mate so soon may be in 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or before death. I do not want to die before showing my gratitude towards the fair sex.

Although it’s bad to have expectations but still lets have it.

All about 2012
This can be the year of getting rid off the old bottlenecks which I though expected in firstly 2010 & then in 2011.  The clearance will bring a sure shot financial stability. As I already laid out the future plans & path. Let’s see how it takes shape. I wish my Virgi & Pitaji blessing will helps my dreams to take off.

So my best wishes to Shri Himanshu Guglani. that he be able to stick to his path. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yes We Can

A spontaneuous but very strong & heart breaking comment of someone forced me to create the above drawing.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali

ICAI stands for "The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India".
The picture was clicked by me in the library.
The guys are preparing for the Chartered Accountancy examination.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Dussehra

Lets celebrate the Dussehra with all those things, which our beloved King Sri Sri Dashanan Ravan love the most.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Jumble

The book as shown in the picture is a religious book of Hindu's called Bhagavad Gita.
The motive is to show the mental state of a youngster.
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Himanshu Guglani (In Advance)

Usually i dont do such. But this time lets have it. My birthday is on 29 of this September. But i want to be the first to wish myself.
So I himself dedicating a beautiful song to myself.
"Hor Vi Neeva Hon, Fakira".
I do not know much about the details reagarding the singer. If anyone knew, kindly forward me the link. Thanks.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pain of a Cauldron

A cauldron can cook but cannot taste.
Why it can cook but cannot taste?
How can someone cook without knowing the taste?
Love to imagine a day when a cauldron too can handle the taste
And i too will follow the samePosted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Being Over Ambitious

Being over ambitious is not bad at all. But one must know, you cannot climb Mount Everest on a pony.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Battle for Recognition

Fighter do fight for money, land or fame. But the best only fought for truth. I am still fighting for my degree. I can earn money without it but now the war is bit more personal. My and my family prestige on the stake. . 
Cleared Chartered Accountancy Final Group I last week. Now 4 more exams left.I wish the last hurdle too be cleared soon. God please be always kind to me. I want to announce this bit earlier but cant do it due to high fever.

In the successive third try, i able to taste a bit of success. My old posts still very closed to me.
When failed second time i regarded myself as an impotent
When failed first time

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Teacher Nowadays - Sri Chanakya

Few days back a very good blogger friend of my Vijay commented on my blog post that your posts are making my grey cells to put more effort to understand life and I answered i have many queries, my blog posts are just my confusions, which only a Guru (teacher) can solve.
Fire is always regards as a converter for turning the impious objects into the pious one. So one should always purify himself through the sacred walk in the fire of knowledge. The knowledge which cannot be gained without the due guidance of Teacher (the Guru).
Many Gurus played many role in my life, as mentioned in my last year blog post on Guru Purnima. These days its Sri Chanakya whose teachings really cleared many cobwebs of my mind. No need to give much details. Read his book and learn how to move with the life. 
At the end i want to wish Happy Guru Purnima to four people. Out of four two are the guides viz. Meeru and Anju. Other two my Gurus Virgi & Pitaji. I knew that myself not able to walk as you prescribed but wish one day i be able to do such. Ending with the strong desire to lead the life beneath your lotus feet.   

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life Without Lips

Well the above picture defines portray of a perfect human being. But is it perfect?
Can u afford to live without lips? Everyone, except you, will love you.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hindi Poetry on Kurukshetra

Well blogging after so much time. I miss it really. The above again in Hindi. This is the first time, when i wrote on a place. The poetry is not good in symmetry but for introducing yourself to the holy city of Kurukshetrra its not bad at all. Hope you too had the same ups & down as the above person had.
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ethical Virginity

Every youngster in any part of this world did had a thought every other day on the complex draconian myth or you can call it a custom of Virginity. Loosing of which will bring you in the lime light among peers, increases your self confidence while standing in front of mirror & obviously a regret free life of being a man . Fear of having a black spot of being dishonest hides somewhere. The naughty thought of loosing the V gets aired timely by movies, social pressure of marring late, item girls and shows like Sack Ka Samna, Emotional Atyachar etc. All such stuff helps us to get rid of the thought being dishonest. 
The similar type of judgement do apply on the corruption too. Why we take bribe from Mr. A on Monday & return it back to Mr. B on Saturday? Will it make any sense?Yes, it do. It makes us enjoy the black money from Tuesday to Friday. As it was the black money so we use it in lavish manner in luxurious products and obviously in charity to console the heart and secure the future. Scams like 2G, Commonwealth games, Adarsh society helps the professional bribers like us in playing the musical chair of corruption. But remember one day music will stop.    
I was 18 when i bribe the college librarian to get rid of fine. I was around 20 when i bribe the transport authority to get license without giving my driving skills test. I was 22 when i bribe the Traffic Constable as i jumped the red light. In every case two thing is common firstly my mistake and secondly my own personal monetary benefit. Bribe is an excuse & nothing else. I am learning to pay the fine. I wish you too.
Lokpal Policy (if successful) will help in gunning down the big players. But day to day corruption can be solved only by pumping the blood of ethical virginity.   

None can loose the virginity or give bribe to himself. For both we need a dishonest partner like us only