Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pain of a Cauldron

A cauldron can cook but cannot taste.
Why it can cook but cannot taste?
How can someone cook without knowing the taste?
Love to imagine a day when a cauldron too can handle the taste
And i too will follow the samePosted by Picasa


Arooj said...

hmmm...very understood fact with thousands bitter implications.. ...
as someone has to pass smile without even being happy....
very nice like ever


Unknown said...

hi Arooj thks for such nice words. Well actually i projected myself as a cauldron. Many times i do advice people on many things but often do not apply the same on ourselves.
Thanks again. ALLAH AAFIZ.

Arooj said...

oh ..really..!

that's why they say none know under which influence a writer or poet creates something..:-)

the poet 's real voice

Unknown said...

thks again. yes its true. Inspiration & imagination go hand by hand. More deepest the first, more approaching the latter.