Saturday, December 8, 2018

Last 5 years in less than 5 X 20 lines

Well the heading seems like an Essay Writing Competition. But, fortunately NO its not. Its my Diary and only my bad  luck that got the curiosity to pen down and kick start my heart after a long gap of 5 years. The question is why this happens? So that answer is IDK.. i don't know. Lots of things happens in such a quick way that did not get the enough vigor to express it. Last time, i posted way back in 2013.But this surely does not mean that Himanshu Guglani is a boring person. I have lot to share. But this time via this maiden post, just a flash back with a promise that I try my best that sin like this never happens again. 

Shall we start......... waiting ........................ OK Silence means Yes

On personal front i am not a boy anymore now a married man. I completed the Brahamcharya Ashram (successfully or not, i knew the answer but don't want to divert the topic this time). But, yes i completed the knowledge front and move to MONEY front that is one of the primary objective of Grahastha Ashram with  Shipra (my wife in Pic). Not only that am now a pround owner of Bullet Electra 350 CC. She is now 33,000 kms old.Will dedicate a separate post for it. 

As a Nude Traveller lets begin with the interesting far flung places i visited so far. Myself a strong believer of  
Dalai Lama that one must travel to one place atleast in a year that you never visited before. 

International honeymoon in Singapore (Universal studio, Cruise)
Trek to Kuari Pass (approx 15000 ft)
Bullet ride to Leh from Manali (approx 18500 ft)
Travel to Shillong, Cherapunji (Double decker route bridge, water falls)

All these places make me a far better planner and also helps in
gaining the real knowledge about my own country plus the world. All these time time where i am not blogging i was active on the Facebook and have separate albums for each trip. All these trips pre-occupied my mind for months. All have a dedicated movie type album covering each and every place which we as couple covered with our limited resources.

All those time when i am not travelling, try to fulfill my Social Responsiblity.  Another important thing for which credit goes to my ex boss Mr. Ashish Bansal. He helps me in the transition from small volunteering in the blind school to our own NGO - "DO KADAM - TO BRING SMILE". Currently the same is unregistered and fund raising from Whatsapp and spending is in the NCR areas. We really feel proud to say that we spend atleast Rs. 2 lacs in different areas from food distribution, clothes, education sponsor, toilet construction, water tank, black boards etc.It all helps in understanding a complete different segment of society. I am cent per cent sure that as disposable income increases the spending will also increase. God is great that he gives us a chance to do something good.  The pictures are not in public circulation and same are shared via Whatsapp only to group members only. We usually do all this stuff in weekend only.      

In the professional front as CA by profession, i firstly joined Relaxo footwears Limited now move to Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. in the Internal Audit profile only. I gained a lot in terms of money & respect but certainly there are Losses is in terms of time. I lost 3 hours daily in commuting plus lots of energy.Make lots of friends in both the companies and have lot to share but will publish them and try also to enrich them with some creative stuff.   

 For now allow me to press the full stop key.  

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