Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are Good Deeds Gurantees Good Future?

This is a hidden issue which pooped up in every one's mind when we pass through bad times. And I am not an exception to it.
Its an old saying that “Sukh Me Simaran Har Koi Kare Dukh Me Kare Na Koi, Agar Sukh Mein Bhi Simran Kare To Dukh Kahe Ko Hoye”.
In past years whatever is happening to me just make my body, soul & all conscience moves towards this complex puzzle of “Karma” i.e total effect of person's actions & conduct.

I always complain that Why always I am the culprit? Why the bad is happening to me? Why I got bad family,school, teachers, colledge & ultimately the job? What I had done so bad that the result of it is coming in my way in this way now?
Is it due to past karma (deeds) in past life, I mean is it just carry forward of bad things from past life or is it due to present karma in present life.
I love to answer both in my way.

If it’s the past bad karmas(deed) then we can ratify it or make it good by doing good deeds in present life. Yes we can reverse our fate with good intentions in this very life
Now comes the bad deed of present life then we can do two things in my opinion
• Immediately stop that karma if you hurting someone or doing a badthing with conscience repeatedly just stop it now
• Secondly, the person who gets hurt with it apologize to him & try to help him as you owed to him.

Well its all about the bad karmas(deeds). Now the question is of good karmas (deeds). There are two types of it basically
• Like a daily wage i.e. you get its immediate return in th present life
• Or it is like pension or gratuity which you get at the time of retirement means when you retire from present life & steps into another.

I know the latter one is very hard to digest but it is the law of nature. We can treat it like an injection i.e. pain now but benefit from future illness.

I satisfied myself with these & sure that whatever happens to me bad in respect of health, career blockage etc. & whatever I am happy with it & all turned me into a good human being.

But I know the bad obstacles are still here now. I am yet to achieve the best part of my life.

I challenge now that none of these barriers can prevent from doing good things.
“Finest Steel has to go through the Hottest fire”.

I got the answer "Yes Good Deeds Gurantees Good Future".


Shiphali said...

To be honest i dont know any thing about my past life so dont believe in past life regression, what is in front of me is my current life and there is this wonderful book called the road less travelled. It is for all the people who had been thru good times but life around us is not that gud bcoz we are gud e think life is gud but to show the reality god has chosen some people who have high will power who are much much stronger to go through bad life so that we can experience both happiness and pain just like we experience spring and winters. Good times dont teach us much lessons and its human nature to remember bad experiences so that next time we face the same situation again we know how to react to it in a more proper manner. And the more difficulties we go thru the more tough u come out, god has done this to u to make u realize that each day is special who knows when death comes so live that day and fullfill all

Himanshu said...

thks shiphali thka alot for such a good response ya i posted ur response in my blog. Well as you said you dont beleive in past life ok i respect ur view but tell me if a new born baby lost his eyes or legs in accident then i will say may be its past life karma bu t it can be make good by good work in present life....... as i said in blog its hard to digest but sometimes u have too

Shifali said...

may be god thought the born baby is himself such a nice beautiful soul that he doesnot need to c anything and regading legs god thought why walk a rough path ur special nd like a king on bed i know i may be sounding tooo imaginatory or weired but thats the way i feel. may be i am wrong i dont know but i think whtever happens happens for gud, so past life is hard to digest we dont know our future.wat we know is present each day is special.