Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Robo Is Coming-Good or Bad?

Firstly I like to wish Asimo (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), a Honda Humanoid Robot a belated Happy Birthday.He turns 9 on October 31.
My contact with robo is from my toddler days. I still remember red eyes, moving hands & how he revolves & that crunchy voice all together a great fun & seems like a miracle in those days. My second encounter with robo is through a very famous TV series in my adolescent days through Vicky in “Small Wonder”. Remember Lawson family Jemmie, Hariett & others. I really love all the chracters. I still watch it sincerely thanks to youtube for that.
But now I wanna express my views “Are robos are always beneficial to us?”.I beg to differ. Not in context that they will start killing humans as shown in movies that what will happen if they also build emotions.
I think they are good only if they are used for only those works which are risky for human life like
• Working in fire
• Coal mines
• Research work in volcanoes
But I does not love to see them doing work which we can easily do but we employ a robo just for speeding up work like in petrol pumps or house hold or for simple things like driving a car.
I really have strict objection to it. Its may be good in context of speeding up works & hence in raising bullions.
But really if we see the other angle of it do you think so that country like India who is so rich in Demographic Transition & human resources need such things.
Robo is greatest invention of human kind so we should use it correctly by seeing all prospects.
Excess of everything is bad.
Best of Luck Asimo.

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