Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Children's Day

Young Dashing Nehru Ji
Nehru Ji with Kamala Nehru & Indira

Nehru Ji as Sports man

Nehru Ji as Congress Men
Chacha Nehru

Happy Children’s Day to all.

It’s the birthday of our first prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. He born on November 14, 1889. He has deep love for children.
I really want to discuss some interesting facts about Pt. Nehru which i come to know:-

Why we call him Chacha Nehru. As we symbolize Mahatma Gandhi as Father so Nehru ji like his younger brother become Chacha. If he is elder then we may used to say him Tau Nehru……….lol…….

His last name Nehru actually come from Nahar. As his grand father had Jagir near a Nahar so they used to call them Nehru. But they are actually Kaul kashmiri pandit.

Nehru ji is very shy in nature. He studied in Cambridge but never participated in debates & public speaking & often pays fine for non participation.

He is too shy even to approach a girl too. But he is actually very broad minded. He is not religious like Gandhi ji & often feel surprise to see Gandhi ji prayers in his ashram.

Nehru ji father had a great political influence. He did not want Nehru ji to enter in Satyagrah. So he requested Gandhi ji to tell Nehru ji not to particpate. And Gandhi ji advises Nehru ji not to took part in freedom struggle as that act which hurts your father.

His marriage in 1916 in Delhi with Kamala Nehru. They enjoy their honeymoon in Kashmir.

Nehru ji & Gen Dyer in same train birth.General Dyer who is responsible for Jallianwalan Bagh while returning from Amritsar to Delhi after the incident shared a train trip with him. Actually when General Dyer was asked why he open fire on mob for so long he said he is under impression that there are other exits.

That’s the Congress who adopted itself as per the ideology of Gandhi ji. I think Mr. Jinnah was not ready to change himself like Nehru ji from three piece to khadi. It crops the difference between Nehru Ji & Jinnah.

Nehru Ji slowly adopt himself to the poor India. He start going to villages the real India poor and naked. He slowly become a very good speaker although he is quite shy in his young age. He once said how can I feel shy in the front of these unsophisticated people.

Nehru ji goes to jail many times but he got privilige in jail. As he belongs to rich family.

Nehru ji many times feel confused with Gandhi ji policy. But he followes him blindly.

Here are some things which i got very interesting. Hope you like that & comment.

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