Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Favourite Chocolates The Milky One

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Shefali said...

chocolates as i see this word i grow crazy like a dog for a bone. I love chocolates like anything they are my weekness but if gifted i cherish it more u know fokat ka maal :) Now something secret i went to sweden and there was a shop called tasty house which ad loads of chocolates mars, twix....nd so many when i see my self alone i used to pick one and taste it and then it was my mouth and chocolate hmmm tasty tasty yummy yummy, i used to also buy chocolates for my mother since she was diabetic but the ratio of stealing and eating chocolates waz very high than buying it for mom. Goverment should make a policy of distributing chocolates every i m going to caffetria to have one and no body can stop me...since it makes me wild heeeeeeeeeee:)