Thursday, November 5, 2009

India Looses Title Woobieeeee

Dharavi (India)

Proud Orangi Crowd (Pakistan)

Firstly i love to congratulate all my Indian friends that we looses title of having "Asia's Largest Slum in the heart of our Financial Capital" Mumbai.
Yes, Karachi(Pakistan) proudly steal this title from us & for which we will never mind. And why should we feel bad if someone dacoits our waste.

Now, Orangi Township has surpassed Dharavi. Its by latest report by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) released in September.

Sometimes we dont win by our effort but due to mistakes of our competitors.

There is nothing to proud for India.

Best of Luck to SMS (Sardar Manmohan Singh)Government, so that next time we degrade ourselves by such compliments due to our efforts.

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