Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How will India live?

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India has the 2nd largest
Urban system in the world

310 million people live in
5,161 cities & towns

That’s like cramming
the entire population of America
into a third of the space

Most Indian Cities are
Probably operating at their peak levels
of occupancy. Perhaps in some cases,
it’s a miracle they still work.

To make matters worse, in the next 30 years
Almost 400 million people will migrate to
these cities. That’s about 20 Australias for you.

And by 2030, India’s urban population is
Estimated to reach a staggering 575 million

It’s about time somebody asked the question:
In the years to come, where will India live?

How will India live?

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Anonymous said...

A really funny post but keep a gr8 sense for future.......
A good research you have done...

keep it up..