Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Chapter of Life

Everyone wants to be the idealistic person in life. As we read autobiographies of great people who serve the society, we too sometimes project ourselves doing these. But really did we took the initiative whole heartedly to follow them. I suppose No.
I also had a thought of spending some time with the orphan poor children.
And today i got the chance to do that. I am really excited about that. Shefali Sis really help me in guding me.
I got the chance of service in the Blind School to spend some time with Nursery kids. I am really excited about it.
Hope God bless me & give me positive vigor and energy to stick to it for life time.
Thank You God Ji
For such an excellent opportunity

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Motivational & Positive said...

Wish u all the very best and do it with your 100% and will be proud of what you are doing alwaz stand out of the common mob.

God Bless u shiphali nd do ping me how was ur day.