Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shefali - Goddess Flower

Every one says friendship on net is fake. I love to challenge them today.

Sometimes some person came in our life accidentally. I mean you neither invited them nor you expecting them. They of course come as unknown and then himself took the initiative to talk and naming the relationship. So as a good responder you start replying to all that messages as formality or you can say as a chat room ethics or simply a respect.
But slowly you start feeling the presence of that stranger through the unconditional love (a rare thing in this dog eat dog world). What make you more incline is the spontaneous reply and interesting remarks & derivations. Conclusions about yourselves really stunned you. Only one question pops up in mind that how she comes to knows that?

Somewhere in back of your mind, you are actually expecting all these judgments from a known person but not from a stranger. Yes, still a stranger because the question of identity of that person really blocked your mind sometimes & restrict to move ahead. As I am very emotional by nature & by past you learn that too. Dudh Ka Jala, Icecream Bhi Phuk Phuk Kar Khata Ha.
Now on every upward move your muddy road belief automatically getting cemented with every scrap.

And one day you get the surprise call from that person with whom you are chatting from so many days. You receive it with a low voice and all the dummy illusions about the identity & trust get solved. As you get the voice now you start looking forward for the mouth. Imagination on full swing and soon it gets over too.

My elder sister & a very good friend & future Indira Nooyi - Shefali.I don’t know but somehow her talks & images make me do a dare task of taking her a look resemblance towards Kiran Bedi. We get in touch through orkut community on Depression. She is a victim too may be worst than me. But still have the courage to ask and guide others problem.
Usually we see when someone got injured badly they don’t take interest in other & infact just eager to to gain sympathy & attention. Very few really have the guts to hear others. Being a good listener is most difficult thing. Shefali sis is a good listener. Today I suppose we talk for 54 minutes & only me bumping all the time.

I comfortable enough to share her two pics. But intentionally pasting one because I love to see my sister in happy poses. I love to imagine her dancing, roaming. Making fun and yes abusing, fighting & kicking boys too.

Everyone wants God to come in their life to change. But really if God comes then will we able to recognize him? May be there are so many Gods around you. And you simply are noticing none. I notice something like that in her too. Might be she come to save me from the flood of negativity & drought of confidence.

Thanks a lot
God Bless



Anonymous said...

It's really difficult to believe someone on the web that whom he/she to be pretending is real, It's really nice to hear that You get someone through the web who cares about You...
Wish a gud luck for a bright future to your Sister..

Motivational & Positive said...

I am speechless brother i dont know how to express out my feelings but u really made my day and yes this brother of mine is special to me and a beautiful sole definitely otherwise who can write or describe me in so beautiful words.All i can say u really made my day brother nd yes i adore u alot :)

And thank you to bless me with a bright future n do tell me if i could do something for you. Anywaz relationships are based on trust and if you break the trust its u who hv lost the diamond. Wish u a happy and prosperous life God Bless u :)