Saturday, November 28, 2009

Singh Back From Jungle

He is the man who can only dare to go Le Meridian in Hawai Chappals.
Is Haram khore ke bare mein jitna kaho utna zyada ha.except

  • A man of clean heart, true family man and a true Sikh.
  • Brother keep your smile and talks same like this forever which innocent as a kid.

I personally love to see him more mature (in terms of leadership) and helpful.
I always be your creditor as you derive me towards Almighty.

Kaga Sab Tan Khaiyo, Chun Chun Khaiyo Maas. Par Do Naina Mat Khaiyo Inhe Piya Milan Ki Aas.
Wish you luck that you get your Sardarni soon and all your wishes get Green soon.
Your Brother & a criticizing friend.

1 comment:

Shefali said...

are yeah alag se type ke wayakti aapko kaha mile or tum comments kar rahe ho yah compliments, kuch wi kahele tera dost hai bada changa sa meri tu hussi nahi ruk rahi :)