Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best of Luck

Everyone wishes you luck for short term materialistic things like job, exam & others.

But is anyone wish you ever for becoming a Good Human Being.
Today i love to do this dare task.
Yesterday was Gita Jayanti on November 28. On this august day Shri Krishna teaches Gita to his best friend & counsin & devotee Arjuna.
Best of Luck.

Wish we all become Good Human Being & none like that in the picture happen to us.
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supriya dogra said...

We actually loose ourselves once we start running after materialistic things... Today, no one thinks about non materialistic things.. everyone is running after money.. status n all....

That a good thought blessing everyone that he remains a good human being.. for the rest of his life!
if such blessings will b answered by god.. most of us will start living happily n blissfully!