Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Unoffered Prayer

What is an unoffered prayer?

Firstly, i love to go through latter one a prayer. Prayer simply means showing respect, love & our faith to the god. In a prayer we expresses our helpnessness to the God & asks for a distant fruit . I remember the movie of Amitabh Bachan. In which he prays to God to help him win in gambling.So Prayer surely varies from person to person .
So what do we understand by an unoffered prayer?. My Virgi says “One should never go empty handed in the house of God, Friend & Teacher”. Is empty handed means without money. I beg to differ. Money is one type of offering but not the sole one.

Offering to god in my opinion is of three ways viz. Tan, Man & Dhan
• Body
• Mind
• Wealth

But I futhur love to categorize into two
• Body+Mind (Tan + Man)
• Wealth+Mind (Dhan+Man)

If your mind is diverted towards the God then automaticaly your soul starts expressing it. Your senses will move you towards that direction.

• Offering by your body as we called “Seva” in english “Service” like Mother Teresa or
• Offering through “Money” like building trusts or giving donation etc.

Both are applied when your engine type Mind directs them to do such.
And they are equally important. But as i think for youngsters & students the first one is the best.
I think after applying these we can called it an “Offered Prayer”.
Choice is ours.

The most tragic is not “Unanswered Prayer but an Unoffered prayer”.


the lady said...

There is nothing we can offer to God,so not going empty handed should mean,offering what u have to God,i.e the ego,it can also mean surrender to Him

Himanshu said...

well i m not completely agree on it firstly ofcourse we have lots of things to offer besides our bad habits. As i mentioned good karma comes from both first by stopping bad habbits & second start serving the god too when u have time.
I strictly oppose that we have nothing to offer to god except ego. we have lots more just go see & enjoy it.
The possiblity was there in every one religion.

Shefali said...

unaswered prayers and unoffered prayes
There is this very big problem in our society to do offered prayers, okey whats the point when you dont respect your parents but still you pray whereas parents are next to god do you think god will be happy by recieting those prays and with serving of sweets and money, I dont think so. Okey to be honest we are selfish we pray to god for our own greed, smooth life, lavish money. Has anyone prayed for others those are called unoffered prays. I go to a church sit there for some time definitely things come in my mind about others who really needs god help and trust me you dont need to even say that.God is strong enough to read your mind. I normally dont believe in going to the temple sitting and praying which my parents sometimes compell me to do but why should i do that god is happy with good karmas and god is everywhere do we really need to search god in temple, so unoffered prayers are nothing but your good deeds/ karma that you do for others and not for yourself because this everybody does since human tendency is selfish

Himanshu said...

hi a very nice comment but i already recive one comment on it & tht lady too did not agree with it i simply dont know why? i address offered prayer is better than unoffered one & secondly we should offer to god in terms of our time, labour, money anything. thats why i made man+than, as u said sitting in church. So yes its ok as u said good deeds or karma is also like offered prayer. Keep ur balance sheet equal of sins & merit things pap & punya

Shefali said...

i address offered prayer is better than unoffered one i dont agree to an extent because u have nothing to offer to god bcoz he has everything remember he is a creator.