Monday, November 2, 2009

We are Yellow

Colours of Human Race
The racial discrimination on the basis of skin colour is not new. It is as old as rocks. It was timely poped up by the society.I am not going very far.Well we saw what happened with Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother. In Australia our friends facing such too. The point is also raised in Big Boss 3 by Rohit Verma but was handled properly & it was not allowed to take its wings.
And now its the turn of our sewwt friendly neighbour China. I am talking about a 20 yr old black angel Shanghai girl Lou Jing. She is participating in a reality show “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels". She reached among the top due to her appealing voice. But now she is in public due to her skin colour as she born with Chinese mother & African-American father.
Can't we stop describing human through colour of their skin.
Well if thats the way to describe our human race then i feel very convenient to distribute our human race into three colours- White skin, Black skin & we asians in Yellow.So I am Yellow.
In the picture above i just tried to describe whatever the colour is person remains the same.

Lou Jing "China's Black Pop Idol & a Black Pearl"

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