Friday, January 8, 2010

Day With Blind Kids

The day with kids is as usual very good. An excellent start
Quiz Game on Full Swing
The quiz competitions is started to gain the attention of the kids is really getting interesting day by day.
Actually we are moving forward from Parts of the Body to Animal Name to Birds Name to Eatables to Colours Name to General English. Its all about moving furthur each day. Its actually a healthy competition and hope kids learn too alot.
Meeting with Ravi Sir
Got a chance to interact with Mr. Ravi a teacher in Blind School who is blind too. He is from Mussorie (Hill Station). I really love that place.But the one thing truly shakes me when i tell him i am a CA (final) student.  My presence rewind his past memories of student life when he had eyes
 "Aap To Aankh Wale Ho Aap To Kar Hi Loge (CA exams clear)". Then he starts describing how much he enjoy when he had eyes. 
How he plays football? 
How he study?
How he ride bike? 
He is so comfortable with these i mean not emotional which you may assume. He is a true man. And i really cant get courage to ask how he lost his eyes? May be i will ask some other day.
My favourite student Gopi is still missing. I really want to meet again but really cant get that chance.Actually God is trying to give me lesson how to stay happy in present and take care of those persons who are in front of you now.
God Bless

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