Sunday, January 10, 2010

Idiots Meet Again

Somehow we manage to meet again for a Lunch.
Ofcourse the whole credit goes to me. Its me who call first then its Mohit who took the initiative.
And Sham he too deserves a "TOFHA" because its his room where we chill out in Shakarpur
I met Sham after 6 months and Monit after more than a year.
Its really tons of happiness in a small package.
Now we decide to make a trip to "Himkund Sahib" in May
Chadi Kala Tere Bhade Sarvad Da Bhala. Wahe Guru Ji Da Khalsa. Wahe Guru Ji Di Phateh

Lots of Luck to Sham for his Personal life as he is not a single anymore. He is commited to a beautiful princess of Gwalior
And for his professional life too. The result of his CA exam awaited on November 17. Lots of Luck.

Mohit who cant even complete a single sentence without MC & BC. But a true man.
Lots of wishes to him for his TV (which really crash our outing in a mid as he has to go to get it repair) &
his exams with me in May &
God gives lots of positivity to his Khadus Boss so that he give him leave for 3 months.
At the end

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Amritbir Kaur said...

It must have been fun uniting with old friends after such a long time...
By the way, a nice wrap up of the post with 'All is well'. Best wishes that it remains so.

ca said...

kya baat hai...wht a blog...tu to pakka writer banega...
n tell me 1 thing tht how u get so much time 2 write all dis things...
its reaaly nice...
aur hemkut sahib pakka....