Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010


Happy New Year To All
As the best time of the day i spend with myselves
So i just go to see a movie "3 Idiots" with some friends
But really it does not bother much if they are not there as i dont had much interaction except few with Jasjot
Actually he plays a game too. Plan with me but at the end really change my prgramme
Thats why i hate moving with group
As i hate handling informal communication and often find it stupid just laughing without reason
But really loves intellectual talks and a long walk
On the 1st day of this new year eve i am really depressed because really dont have anyone with whom i can celebrate in my way.
As if anyone comes then i have to sacrifice alot
So the first day is not good really cried alot
My leg is too giving me sleepless night
Hope Jesus will listen to it
Please God Help Me

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