Friday, January 1, 2010

Negativity & Sorrowness In The Air (ab to aadat si ho gayi ha)

Why it happens? Who creates the cyclone of sorrowness?
Just it happens For the Good or Bad God Knows
I feel like a trapped and cant do anything except hue & cry. Its like a tear rain of cats and dogs. Just going through a bad time and really noone is there who listens to you.
Everyone says come and enjoy but
did you find anyone who really says - when you feel sad and when you see tears in your eyes contact me?
I still searching for that person. I am optimistic but hope is crashing
My favourite chracter ever in any religious book is KARAN - Danvir Karan.
And from that i got the habbit of saying Yes to needy. But this is true never expect from such people. As their bad time is over they may not love to even give you the quarter of it back when you need it.Why? Did they dont had fear that when they are in the same feel so who will help them? May be they never feel such type of situation for long. I seen it:-

  • Fit of epilepsy (although its just one episode yet but the fear is still somewhere in mind)

  • Both shoulders fractured (i have to quit cricket my soul & now dont even watch cricket)
  • Typhoid (still remember the giddiness)
  • Chicken pox (omg you the itching and weakness breaks you)
  • Skin diseases at constant interval
  • Now i have a corn near the heel (its 6 months now doctor says it will take 1 more)
I hardly remember a month in my life when i dont go to the Doctor (actually i want to be the Dr. but my father emotionaly blackmail me to opt for commerce it really hurts today too)
Prolonged illness breaks you. Physiotherapy and all that hits you hard. Depression and aloneness is the side effect of it. Hope you dont see these.
After writing all these i feel proud for myselves and really not to gain sympathy.
You cant judge even all these by my face. Thats my achievement. Believe it or not.

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Amritbir Kaur said...

Our success in handling the storms of life lies in the fact that the story of our life is not depicted on our face. Your last statement, "You cant judge even all these by my face. Thats my achievement. Believe it or not", is something like a situation when we have tears lurking in our eyes and still we have to smile to remove tears from someone else's eyes. One great thing about life is that no matter how bad it gets, it still goes on...Reading your post was like a very meaningful journey of life.