Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Modern Abuses of Society - Oye Bihari.....................

Abuses they are so spontaneous comes that we hardly takes time to go for its literal meaning
Just like 
MC/ BC  without getting in detail and picturing  what you exactly want to do with someone mother or sister?

How many times you call a Rickshaw wala a Bihari, in a day?
May be he is from Jharkhand or Orissa or UP or any other part of the country but did we really ask his State origin first. Naaaaaaa.
Bihari is the modern synonym of a:
  • poor
  • thin 
  • black skin guy
  • wearing torn & dirty clothes 
  • tobacco or bidi
  • Yellow teeth & others 
The most uncultured person in the society is Bihari. Is in it?. So we use it as an abuse. Ofcourse who minds it?

Once me and my friend going on Rickshaw. After giving his due i said "Thanks to him". My friend  give me  a  stupid meaning less smile and said "he is a bihari and thats his job". I really cant get it is he  a Bihari that's why he don't deserve a thanks or  thanks should be only given when job is done free of cost.
Now about Sardar Ji Jokes.
How many times you laugh on a Santa Banta Joke in a day?
I remember one of my friend Shikha who is not in this world now cracking a real incident to me. 
A bell rings and her father asked to look who's that? Then she said One Man and One Sardar Ji. Her father asked is Sardar ji not man. She sont mean that but Turban give the Sardar Ji a seperate identity.

Same type incident happened with my Sikh friend in the office. He is an easy pray. as all ready made data to make fun of them (sikh)  is available in the market. Sincere thanks to Santa Banta jokes.

My Sikh friend was harassed by a Do Take Ki office receptionist. She is yelling on him and uses  religious symbloics. And he cant react to it at that time. May be he is futuristic about th job.  So when he told me the incident i personally advice him to wait for the next time she teases you. So Wahe Guru give him one more chance the again Do Take Ki Receptionist did the same mistake. And this time he does "Chance Par Dance (Bhangra)". And go straight to the Partner and complaint that she is making religious comments. And this time he wons, he gain sympathy of top management and other staff also starting talking more polite.If you are at correct side you will win.

I am proud of my Sikh friend that besides risk of loosing job, he manage to fight back in a professional way and at the right time.Timing is important in professional fight. 

Lets Stop It
Respect poor and do not tease them
Do not forward stupid santa banta jokes to others

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