Friday, January 15, 2010

Faith & Its Side Effects

Today is Solar Eclipse ( Surya Grahan).
Its nothing wrong in respecting Sun more as a God than an ordinary planet.
Every religion has its own beliefs which were tried and tested since ages
So praying Sun God its totally matter of belief. I am supporter of it. and its our fundamental right.
We respect the deity through offering like coconut, flowers, coal, joe etc by pouring it into the river.
I really dont the exact reason for it but dont suppose that they are causing any irreversible or permanent harm to the nature. As all are biodegradable
Blockage is a concern due to using poly bags. Its the side effect of it &
Government should made suitable healthy arrangements for such type of things like a

  • particular place at the border of the city or
  • within the city and after that filter the water because such practices followed generally whole year &
  • banners like don't use poly bags & of course
  • fines if one uses other than the specified place
Its not about                              
Environment Vs Belief 
its just about 
balancing between the
Environment & Belief

Today our policy is UNFORTUNATELY the former one and one can himself decide

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Anonymous said...

Nice post Himanshu....Read your older posts too...
Keep goin.....:)