Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Valentine

I do sometimes wonder why dont i celebrate valentine?
Am i so boring?
Am i so outdated?
That i cant even impress a girl
Well i do not think so
Then why i still a single & ofcourse a virgin ?
In my case when ever i see a good face or some couples on bike or in market or garden
I question myself
What the thing that most excites you in that?

And got the same answer again and again for years & i.e. LUST

And i Stop ! (purnaviram)

Waiting for the another answer viz. TRUE LOVE &
Till then celebrating Independence Day of Singles
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BK Chowla, said...

You are right.One must enjoy the bachelorhood so long as one can.

Himanshu said...

& BK Chowla
thank you sir for your comment
its right but you must heard about the "Shadi ka laddu jo khaye wo pachtaye aur jo na khaye wo bhi"