Thursday, February 11, 2010

Student Mahabharat

I sometimes wonder what exactly goes in the mind of a PAPER SETTER when he is actually composing the paper. Exactly kon sa kida. What moves him to compose confusing questions which made you stunned and trance? I know the answer More the students fail; more he paid.
Its a three level strategy
  • Level I - Confuse the kids with the intent of question? Just like a Gorilla war. So that a student got awed and cannot guess what's exactly happening here? Ye kaha aa gaye ham. 
  • Level II - Now he moves with the strategy He will peacefully divide the question in various parts & inter link  them so that student who misinterpret the first case will automatically gets failed in others too.It saves the time of paper checker as he dont have to bother to read ahead. Just cross the whole & move to next. Short cut Samajhta nahi ha yar.
  • Level III - Attack. Dushman (students) ko ghero (it should be bethaue) & shoot
I wonder if Dronacharya exists today in the damn age of Kali, dog eat dog & rat race world..

How exactly will he ask Pandavs & Kauravs to hit the bird eye?

All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.

Q Write the name of a thing which inhales carbohydrates and exhale oxygen?
Whole Kauravs skip this and return their answer sheet.

Q Name the creature who is warm blooded and the above mentioned thing is his home?
Nakul & sahdev answers Draupadi & failed. Well actually they dont read the whole question just read "warm" & answer.

Q Identify the part of that creature which helps him to see good or bad?
Yudhishtra actually goes in depth and answer "aatma (soul)" instead of eyes.Actually examiner intent was to confuse him with good & bad word. And he succeeds.

Q Now take your bow & hit the above body part?
Bhima forget his bow & arrow at home. So he not able to attempt this.
Well Arjuna reach the last question but as he pick the bow, the bell rang and time over. Due to slow handwriting, besides knowing everything he cant able to attempt last question.


You can learn some

  • Do not skip the question like kaurav
  • Read whole question not like Nakul & sahdev
  • Must carry your stationery & roll no, otherwise like Bhima
  • And Zyada mat pad like Yuvi. Sleep well & Eat well
  • Do not waste much time in margins, decoration. Better time management



BK Chowla, said...

Best of luck.
It needs a lot of divine thinking to write such a nice post.

Himanshu said...

well you know the topic is so interesting it took an me 1.5 hrs exactly but really laugh too much that how it shapes

ca said...

gud man...nice 2 see tht u having so much time 2 write all dis...lolz....

n 1 more thing plz remove dis exam clock.....isko dekh kar kuch hota hai yaar....

Himanshu said...

hi thanks mohit for your time
well time management, i still need to learn more
but i enjoy writing these days
& when i got spare time i do consider books
exam clock i am love in it

Anonymous said...

Best Of luck foi Yooooour Xams....A really nice post on xams....
Keep writing

Amritbir Kaur said...

Best of luck!
Also I must mention those were really practical tips. The answer should be well-presented so that it forces the examiner to read it :)

Himanshu said...

@Vijay thanks man & you too for your results
@Amritbir kaur thanks ya i pick up all from practical life