Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Queries

What to do when your father do not respect your mother?
I love my mother. But my father is not my enemy....................................


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Tricky situation.
But a thought created for the reader. Impressive.

karthik said...

trivial question :) . i think we should look it from their(parents) eyes . for us it may look worrisome.. but the bond b/w them minuscules any issue if it doesn't cross limits.

Himanshu said...

@ Hobo
thanks bro for comments its a tricky situation for me. Firstly i thought not to disclose it in public but then i decided yes. Its not easy to face such & keep your mental peace after that. Just like a Dharma Yudh. I need Krishna help. Wish he guide me.

Thanks. mother too believe that its getting excess. But you know Hindu culture 7 janam ka rishta. Phir chahe ro ya pito. Hope u undertd

√ij@y said...

Hi himanshu Don't know how to answer your question?
Leave it for parents, they will handle it..

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ρομπερτ said...

Maybe a letter would be the first, most easy step towards finding a solution.

Please have a nice Sunday.

Himanshu said...

@ ρομπερτ
hi i truly respect your advice. see i leave it on God. And God helps me too in that. My father gone out of city for 3-4 days with some relatives.
I think meanwhile i able to get back in tune & concentrate again on my studies & preferences.
I hope everything will be all right soon. My mother has expectaions with me. i hope be able to get that.