Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Volunteering in Blind School

I am intentionally not writing the post on blind school. Usually i wrote when i face some & then i apply some & when it get solved. I conclude it & write here.But these days ................
Kids are really testing me well. Its a combination of things that working against me:-
  • My own exams are just 2 months away
  • Health is not good
  • Kids strength got doubled in the class
  • And two kids Ajit & Abhijeet was so naughty that they are expelled twice in the past due to bad behavior.And they dont understand Hindi much They can see well but i suppose their parents are blind. I really dont know how to handle them
  • Teachers are pressurizing me to get strict in the class (indirectly slapping kids), which i not able to do that.



ρομπερτ said...

This fear and worrying you wrote about, might be nothing else the courage that has spoken its prayer.

A wonderful Thursday for you..

BK Chowla, said...


Himanshu said...

@ρομπερτ thanks for your comment. Ofcourse its worry not the fear exactly. I do attend the School & it really went well. Ya i just go with my old passion. I met a very nice guy there he is a teacher there & have very poor visiblity. He said to me Kids need you as they are blind & so they dont have mush access to the outer world. So they need updation from outside.

@BK Chowla thank you sir for your attention. I do plan to go on alternate days. Need God bless so that i can manage my CA Final exams in May & kids too. I love you kids. And i love to do more for you. If i clear & earn well i can contribute more.
Lets see may be now i will go for alternate days 3 days a week & i am too optimistic about the March as kids have their exams. So i will get a leave.
If i qualify my degree & start earning well then i do have some plans for it which i love to fulfill.