Friday, February 19, 2010

Being Ambitious

Well sometimes i get confused, whether

we should live in present keeping in mind the future & shape the present accordingly? 
scrap the future & adapt the present in its raw form?

The credit for sowing the above seed goes to one of my fast friend Pawan, whom i know since my Chaddi days
We all look for our glorious & awesome future in our own personalized way
Pawan too took a view that the turn key of his life is not here in India. Its there "Sat Samundar Par"
Luckily astrologers certifies it too "Beta Tere Bahar Ki Kundli Ha
People Doubt What You Say, but they will always BELIEVE what you do
I am really feel happy that Pawan is in second stage
Now he is going through a kind of MAKE OVER right from Head to Toe
He mind his:- 
  • Food Habits 
  • Music preferences 
  • Hair Style
  • Accent 
  • And of course more online Phiringi friends ( i can bet he spend half of his weekend talking to foreigners so that to get familiar with their culture, moods, languages)
I love the guys who change for the better and he is of that kind; And whats Wrong in that?
And I Am Not An Exception Too
I am happy that Pawan has a clear vision & wishing you a GOOD LUCK Brother
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Who will answer my query?
Lets See...........

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