Monday, February 1, 2010

R.S.V.P (reply if you please)

Whenever you recover from a bad past and force yourself to enter into a new life or make your eyes to act like a binoculars or telescope, so as to make them see the glorious future first before the rough present.
Just like a hilltop telescope where you pay Rs. 10/- to get the taste of beautiful snow covered Himalayas.
And that view works like an First Aid. And slowly you get recovery.But sometimes you need Second aid too.
Even after the recovery some connectors left behind which simple serves as an amplifier to convert your Mega Byte(MB) of bad memories into Gega bytes(GB) on timely basis.Jaise woh kal ki bat ho. 

I used to such things and recently got the same kind of dosage day before yesterday night and still getting recovered from it. But comfortable enough to summarize it. 

Its just like a kind of Dharm Yudh of "Mahabharta".
And at that time you felt the need of someone like "Krishna" to help you guide and motivate and so as make you distinguish between a river or a well or an ocean because tears often disillusioned your vision at that time  and your only concern is water but which source? 

So i do call, sms, scraps people but none comes or responds.
Am i dependent?
Is Arjuna relying on Krishna at the most trouble some point is his dependence?.  

You curse, you abuse, you pray & read religious scriptures to get advice. But all works like a homeopathic medicine slowly but steady cannot say. At the end peace is attained only through the name of God. 

When will all this stops? 
And none reples..............


ρομπερτ said...

As it takes the light from the sun to reach us down here upon earth about eight minutes to travel, it might take as well a bit of time, for replies to reach - yet they will, believe me.

Please have you a wonderful Tuesday. A very impressive entry of yours.

BK Chowla, said...

This is my first visit to your blog site.
Ultimately,it only HIM-GOD who can brings peace and it is time one realised this fact well in time.

Himanshu said...


Mr. B K Chowla, i agree
ρομπερτ, thks for the wishes. I know i will have glorious time ahead. My god is with me