Friday, February 5, 2010

Volunteering in Blind School

This week in blind school was full of absenteeism. I not able to give them much time. Sorry Kids.
But the day i attended was full of experiences.
  • I slap a Kid. Well i strictly hate slapping. But Junaid make me loose my patience as he hit a younger kid half of his age and make him cry. And i want to return to him the pain of same level. That day i really feel bad but next day i feel a change not in Junaid as expected but in the small kids they become very friendly with me and these elder ones become a revenger. I am just keeping an eye on future. I really want to give Junaid a lesson but without swanking but how?
  • Why we need Gundas in class? Like Kiraye ke gunde works in elections for booth capturing etc. On similar grounds in a class room teachers intentionally give authority to Big tall Kids, so as to mind others but most of the time it was misused for their own. Kids are not responsible in fact teachers are responsible. They should correct that.

Teaching is full of experiences as you become a good student after becoming a teacher. At least i start doing my Homework on time. 
God Bless Kids


BK Chowla, said...

But this has been happening since ages.
It also reflects the mind set of the teachers depending upon the education system and policies.

Himanshu said...

i agree it was happening since ages and happend with me too. But it is wrong.
And i do not have a magic stick to change whole world but of course i can impose self discipline on me
Believe me its really difficult and i am trying