Thursday, March 18, 2010

Volunteering in Blind School

The exams of kids of Blind school are going on.
They started on March 14 and be over on March 22.
And i am on leave these days due to their exams. Thats why dont have much to write
But a very funny incident did happen last time.
Actually I am just telling the kids that Human Body has 206 bones.
Then one elder kid "Junaid" replies Sir Ji but a new born  has more than 300. I reply in Yes.
After that "Aman" too replies Sir Ji it means i have somewhere in between 206 and 300.
Well what can i say at that time. I say no you have 206.
Then he again replies Sir Ji and what about Gopi - Did he too has 206?
Actually "Gopi" is youngest in the class and may be around 3 yrs old and i am a commerce student.
I just remain silent and want to change the topic.
But "Junaid" replies I know he has more than 300.
Well the whole class start doing woooooooo he has 300 bones. Dont ever fight with him.
Somehow i manage to control my laugh at that time.

I really cant forget this incident in my whole life.
Thank you Shefali and Jesus for giving me an opportunity to stay with such a kids.

Wishing Lots of Luck To Kids
"Junaid" promise me that he will give me a Gift when he come First.
And i want the Gift. I am a MISER


A New Beginning said...

Hi Himanshu,
Its great that you amek your class so interesting, I am sure the kids are really happy to have you as their guide.
Keep up the great work, it'll surely help you in your life!

BK Chowla, said...

My best wishes and you must continue with excellent work.

Himanshu said...

@ A New Begining
Thanks alot ofcourse i am having the good time. Well i dont know kids are lucky or not but i am very lucky and its bit fortunate that i have to take a break of a month now. As my exams are coming. Thanks alot

@ B K
Thank you Sir for your ever motivating comments

adreamygal said...

Dats good to hear :) so you beware of Gopi , he myt break ur 206 bones s he got 300 of them ;) of luck for your exams :)

Himanshu said...

@ adreamygal woe thanks alot dreamy gal for making such a nice comment ya sure i will take care
love to arrange a pic someday of him
surely its difficult but i try
thankyou very much

Himanshu said...

thanks alot brother for such a nice comment

Jzt 4 me... said...

I am visiting your page for first time...I have just finished reading the first page...and I feel envious for your chance to be with those less previliged children...

But I am sure, if not today, some day I will be with them as one of them and be with them as long as I can...and try to give them all that is within my limits...

God bless u for ur spirits...

Himanshu said...

JZt for me
hi really i waiting for such comment people normally wrote good things but never commit to do
you did this today
best of luck
i know u make ur way in ur own unique way